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Housing Counseling Program

Housing Counseling Class Registration

Please download our Class Registration Form here or submit our online Registration Form.


The Housing Counseling Program provides free classes and individual counseling helping more than 7,000 potential first-time homebuyers and homeowners. Monthly classes focus on topics not taught in regular school including understanding credit, credit repair, money management, saving plans, grant programs and understanding the home buying process including selecting a realtor and finding the best mortgage.

Genesis Housing Corporation has been certified as a FannieMae Counseling Agency and is approved by PA Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) for the counseling component of the state bond program. Providing FannieMae and PHFA approved counseling allows a qualified applicant to participate in special bank programs and the state bond program for lower interest rates and/or fees for their mortgages. Genesis Housing Corporation is also an approved agency for Montgomery County’s and Norristown’s first-time Home Buyers Programs. These programs allow more families to become homebuyers by reducing the amount of savings required for down payments and closing costs.

Housing Counseling Classes

Housing Counseling classClass #1: Understanding Credit

  • Understand credit reporting
  • Obtain a free credit report from all major credit bureaus
  • Learn how to improve your credit score

Class #2: Money Management

  • Setting up a working budget - "It's more than just the bills"
  • Dealing with debt and developing a savings plan

Class #3: Home Buying Basics

  • Understanding the home buying process - realtors, mortgages and more
  • Learn about grant programs to help you buy
  • Learn about special first-time homebuyers' program

Additional Classes See schedule for times and dates

Banking Basics

  • Learn about free checking accounts and savings options
  • Learn about credit cards, consumer loans and investment options
  • Learn about how to start or start over with checking accounts
  • Learn about how to prevent identify fraud

Banking for Seniors

  • Learn about free checking accounts and savings options
  • Learn about direct deposits options
  • Learn to how to prevent identify fraud
  • Ask the experts your banking questions

Stretching your Budget with Coupons and More

  • Learn the best ways to use coupons and other ways to save on your monthly grocery bills
  • Learn simple tips to budget your money, control spending and setting saving goals

How to Prevent & Respond to Identity Theft

  • Learn how to prevent identity theft
  • Learn how to checking your credit report
  • Learn how to secure your personal information
  • Learn what to do if you suspect Identity Theft


Homeowners - Money Management

Genesis Housing Corporation offers classes for homeowners about basic budgeting methods, preserving good credit and reducing credit debt, understanding home equity and refinancing loans, and preventing foreclosures.

Please call 610-275-4357 for additional information or send an e-mail message to Genesis Housing.

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